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About Ronin Grain Management Solutions

To achieve a client integrated, service based company integral to the cost effective operation of a grain handling organisation.

To build a profitable, sustainable company for the benefit of shareholders and employees alike based on professionalism, integrity in service, ingenuity and performance in solutions as well as supply.

Ronin Grain Management Solutions supplies grain management system solutions, analytical grading equipment and grain handling services to the Southern African Grain Handling and Storage Industry.

Our grain management solutions and systems include real time, independent inventory measurement and management systems, transactional software packages, identity tracking solutions and in bin temperature control, management and aeration.

Our analytical grading equipment includes Near Infra Red Transmittance devices for measuring protein and Image Analysers for measuring specks and ash content. Our grain handling services include the support and service of our analytical instrumentation and Grain Management Solutions as well as our Silo Auditing service, which is a service, offered to the industry, whereby

Ronin GMS will audit the mass content in a grain bin on a monthly, quarterly or an annual basis depending on the client. Therefore Ronin GMS has three different lines of business, retail, system solutions and service, which provides the company with a self sustaining product basket.

We have selected our products specifically to cater for the unique and challenging environment which is today's, grain handling industry:

Furthermore we ensure that all of our retail products are the most cost effective and of the very best quality that can be sourced both locally and internationally.

In-line with this policy, our services are designed to support these products in the field as well as to provide the customer with cost effective, out sourced peace of mind.

Our solutions are unique and innovative and have been specifically designed and manufactured by us for the grain handling industry to assist in enhancing and streamlining existing systems, to provide quality control, commodity tracking and inventory management as well as to produce a positive effect on the clients "bottom line". Ronin Grain Management Solutions is a Proprietary Limited company owned by 8 shareholders with a total of 10 000 ordinary shares. The company's articles of association list the activities of the company as being "POST HARVEST, GRAIN HANDLING & STORAGE" in the grain handling industry. The Chairman of the Board is Matthew Charles Brownson.

Ronin GMS has a permanent staff of 22 employees divided up as follows, 3 marketing and sales personnel, 3 administrative staff members, 11 technical staff members, 3 executive personnel and 1 permanent project manager. In addition Ronin GMS also retains an in-house software engineer and although the company is relatively young, jointly we have 43 years of dedicated experience in the grain silo industry. Therefore we are well capable of providing an integrated supply and service package based on knowledge and experience to the industry.

Our offices are situated in Johannesburg and as such we are centrally located within the main crop producing areas of South Africa, furthermore we also undertake regular trips to Kwazulu Natal and the Western Cape.

Should you be interested in any more information on how we can help you with any grain management solutions then please contact us on +27 11 608 3666

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