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Our proprietary ART Lite software will provide you with greater accuracy and easy access to accurate stock information enabling all computers networked to the ART server to reflect the exact location and quantity of stock. Make decisions with greater knowledge and plan logistics with greater ease. Run operations more efficiently, enhance profitability and minimize risk by choosing ART Lite proprietary Software to manage your bulk. ART Lite is upgradable to allow integration with our other solutions.

What Does ART Lite Software Do For You?

ART Lite Software literally places the information you need to manage your bulk efficiently and effectively right at your fingertips.The ART user interface displays all storage vessels integrated into the ART server on a single screen, showing information such as volume, tonnage and commodity
grading for each vessel. Detailed information such as 3D profiles, height, mass, filling and discharges histories can also be made available dependent on the Ronin inventory management solution u have selected to manage your bulk commodity.


Head Office Awareness For Integration and Stock Management

The Ronin ART Head Office Server (H.O.S) augments the ART system by enabling the user to  manage silos and flat warehouses, stockpiles and relating information under management from a single work station. ART H.O.S allows the incorporation of all transactional data, including grading, such as bulk densities and moisture, to be acknowledged from each batch received and then apply the respective weighted average data to each relative silo, warehouse or stockpile. ART H.O.S makes head office awareness a reality and enables the monitoring of all actions taking place on multiple sites.



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