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ART+ incorporate all grading criteria and daily transactional information from clients into a complete solution with enhanced profile accuracy. Ideal for bins with multiple discharge points.

What Does The ART+ Solution Do For You?

The ART+ single axis solution is designed for use in silo bins with a diameter larger than 15 m. The ART+ in-bin single axis laser architecture traces profiles with greater accuracy allowing ART software to precisely source positions and register movements with the assistance of a step motor providing precise movement over along a single vector. The main advantage of the single axis laser is that it ensures accurate profiling and thus improves volume calculations in larger bins with multiple discharge point.

Why Use ART+?

The ART+ single axis scanner traces along a single axis vector ensuring enhanced profile representation. This is ideal for large bins where the sheer volume of commodity bulk requires for exact profile tracing in order to ensure that volume calculations are accurate. ART+ is also ideal for bins that experience a lot of activity as it will ensure exact profiling regardles of how many times the bin has been filled drawn from during the course of the day. For more information about our software see ART Lite.



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