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Nuts, Cereals, Grains, Seeds, Beans and Rice are some of the more prominent organic commodities that are stored in silo bins or in flat at stores. It is a common belief that the only threat to the stored organics are insects, impurities and rodents. This is only partly the truth, because the real threat to stored organics are factors like moisture content, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, storage time and the temperature. If these parameters are not in balance, a reduction of quality could occur and may result in severe damage to the stored organics. An essential factor for quality is the balance between water content and temperature. If one of these factors are too high the stored organic might start to “sweat”. During the “sweating” process the organic commodity will emit dry matter and water (loss of weight). In case the process is not stopped, the conditions in the bin or fl at store will provide optimum conditions for micro organisms, insects and other impurities. This could result in a self-perpetuating process destroying the stored organic commodity even faster. With Cimbria’s Temperature Monitoring System, the operator is able to act in time to prevent a possible negative development in the stored organic bulk. Problems with the stored bulk may be solved either by moving, drying or ventilating and thus arresting any further damage to valuable organic commodities.




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