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Below you will find out about what we do here at Ronin GMS and about our inventory management solutions and grain management solutions

What does Ronin GMS do?

Ronin GMS is a Solutions company. Ronin GMS specialises in providing either systems or instrumentation to mitigate risks associated with grain handling and the safe storage thereof.

Ronin GMS also manufactures proprietary systems for inventory management. Current systems are:
  • ART Lite – Software inventory management system
  • AIMS – Quantity Survey of grain bunkers or any commodity stockpile – Service Based
  • ART – Software and hardware inventory management system – Stationary laser measurements or single axis scanning laser technology
  • Artemis – 3d Laser scanning technology for grain, mining, etcetera
  • ART software is the reporting platform for the different types of measurement devices
For grain quality, Ronin GMS is the authorised distributor for a number of international equipment and instrument manufacturers.

Analyses on these instruments are done for moisture, proteins, fibre, oil, starch, gluten, milling index, ash, flour specks, powders and chemical impurities and more.

Additionally Cimbria provides Ronin GMS with a Temperature monitoring system, which is installed inside grain silos.

We service these instruments and installations annually.

These technologies have diversified our portfolio and has allowed Ronin GMS to open the following sister companies.

Ronin Precision Farming
Ronin Independent Surveyors
Ronin Argentina

How do I contact Ronin GMS?
You can contact us phone or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our contact number is +27 11 608 3666. Our e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

How do I purchase products and services from Ronin GMS?
This website is ideal for purchasing products or services from Ronin GMS. You can also phone us, but bear in mind that Ronin GMS is not an off-the-shelf supplier. Due to the nature of our business, products and services require 2-4 weeks before delivery can take place. It is strongly recommended that you consult one of our sales staff before deciding on a purchase.

Request a quote telephonically or online. Place your order

In what industries does Ronin GMS operate?
Though Ronin GMS operates predominantly in the grain industry it has diversified its operations over the years to include other industries. Amongst these are various agricultural sectors, the mining industry, brewing industry, animal feeds processing industry, milling industry and the food processing industry.

Where does Ronin GMS get its products and solutions?
ART, ART Lite, AIMS and ARTEMIS are solutions that have been developed in-house by Ronin GMS. Our constituent analysers are sourced from various respected manufacturers from around the world. Our temperature control system is sourced from Cimbria.

What are constituent analysers?
Moisture, proteins, fats and all other entities inside grain are referred to as constituents. The various instruments use different techniques to obtain the quality or quantity thereof.

What are inventory management solutions?
Inventory management solutions are systems specifically developed by Ronin GMS to manage stock and minimise risk.

Eg: Keeping different qualities segregated and to balance against a book stock value. Closing the silo complex and alarming for illegal movements of grain. Blending grain to right percentages and more.

What is ART?
The ART system, used at silo sites to monitor bin levels and other variants, was the first inventory management system of its kind to be developed by Ronin GMS. The system greatly simplifies the management of stock and risk control. The ART solution consists of proprietary software and hardware. The software offers an easy to understand user interface and keeps a record of stock movement. The hardware, an in-bin laser architecture, delivers real time information on stock movement to designated workstations running the ART software package.

What is ART Lite?
ART Lite is a proprietary software package developed by Ronin GMS that allows an operator to manually input stock related data. This information is then stored and reflected via an easy to understand graphical interface.

What is AIMS?
AIMS is a stockpile surveying solution. It consists of a freestanding unit comprising a tripod, laser measuring device and a laptop computer. The windows based computer runs a proprietary software package developed by Ronin GMS that interprets the data obtained via the laser and bulk density testing to deliver the occupied volume and mass of a surveyed stockpile.

What is ARTEMIS?
Artemis is a laser architecture incorporated into a bunker. It supplies real-time data to a workstation running proprietary Ronin GMS software. The operator of this workstation is able to track stock movement within the bunker via an easy to understand graphical user interface.

What is ART Alarm?
STOP after-hours grain theft with the Ronin ART Alarm Security Solution. ART Alarm is a robust, reliable and cost effective system designed to operate unobtrusively in all weather conditions. The system has no visible cabling and operates independently from an external power supply. ART Alarm utilises infrared cameras and motion sensors placed at key points around the silo to ensure that your grain remains secure. The system is designed to interface with Ronin’s Art software and thus offers Head Office awareness of after-hour movements of grain and will also send out a silent alarm whenever movement is detected at key points around the silo. Video recorded is instantly viewable online. ART Alarm can be installed within 4 to 5  working days. Please contact Ronin GMS for a quotation and STOP YOUR LOSSES today.

What happens if there are malfunctions and breakdowns?
Ronin GMS employs qualified and capable technical staff that service and repair all systems and machines within our catalogue. Our efficient administrative network will ensure that service is always fast and efficient.

Should you have any questions or concerns about Ronin GMS then please contact us on +27 11 608 3666

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