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The LDM43 is and opto-electronic distance meter for industrial applications.

Equipped with a Profibus DP interface the LDM43 can easily be integrated into a fieldbus-driven process controller.

The additional SSI interface provides another convenient option for controlled operation of the measuring device.

A compact and robust design shape combines with low power consumption, selectable switching outputs and the possibility to set specific application parameters to warrant flexibility in use.


  • Precise: phase comparison allows distances up to 150 meters to be measured with millimetre accuracy.
  • Non-wearing: distances can be reliably determined in a non-contact procedure that requires no reflector.
  • Accurate: an eye-safe easily perceivable measuring beam.



  • Distance measurement and determination of positions
  • Fill-level measurement
  • Position monitoring of moving objects
  • Positioning of hoisting facilities, conveyor systems and crane equipment
  • Industrial labor protection and security-related applications.


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