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Whether you’re harvesting, storing, milling or trading grain, few factors are more important to maximizing value than the moisture content.

Any farmer will tell you that by accurately determining the moisture content of grain, a lot of problems can be avoided. Knowing the moisture of the grain that is on the field can make the harvesting process a dream or a nightmare with trucks either being returned or charged with high drying prices.

Silo managers will reinforce the importance of moisture testing by informing you of all the related risks during the storage period. “Hotspots” in bins, accelerated insect infestations and risky fumigations is high on their list. Excess moisture also leads to condensation in the bins with water dripping from the roof on top of the grain.

Millers have a need for homogenous clean grain. They make up their gristing from different varieties and qualities of grain, but expect the moisture content to be very stable. During the tampering process the moisture content is increased so that the outer layers can be removed with ease and without fraction. Stable, homogeneous moisture of grain is needed before you start this process to ensure a homogeneous tampering process. Moisture plays a huge role in terms of extraction and milling yield.

Traders are also involved by establishing prices that are based on maximum allowed moisture percentages and enforcing it by deducting mass from contracts for excess moisture delivered. Transporters normally sit in the queue or haste the wet load back to the point of dispatch until the dispute is finalized.

It should be quite evident by now that by determining the moisture content at harvest, storage, milling and point of sale means extra Rands in the bank.

Ronin Grain Management Solutions is the authorized distributors of Dickey-John and Sinar moisture analysers. Ronin GMS is uniquely positioned to offer each tier of the grain industry specialized support and equipment that is specifically tailored to their particular needs

Ronin Grain Management Solutions has a wide variety of devices designed to help you monitor moisture.

Should you be interested in any more information on how we can help you with any grain management solutions then please contact us on  +27 11 608 3666




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