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The DICKEY-john Grain Analysis Computer Model 2500 (GAC 2500) is the next generation of moisture testers from the world-wide leader in  grain moisture analysers.

The GAC 2500 uses the newest analysis technology (149 MHz) to provide NTEP certified results. Reducing the number of grain calibrations required to deliver precise moisture results is a key benefit of this technology.

The GAC 2500 will also accommodate special calibrations specifically developed for specialty crops such as walnuts, almonds and coffee.

The GAC 2500 reduces your analysis time at the grain terminal by using a quick, easy-to-use touch-screen operator interface and provides improved data storage and share processing.


  • Utilizes the newest analysis technology (149 MHz) to provide NTEP certified results
  • Improved mechanics provide shorter analysis time allowing more samples to be run, especially important during busy seasons
  • Colour touch screen offers best-in-class usability
  • Porting of GAC 2100 calibrations into the new instrument accepts calibrations that were developed for non NTEP applications
  • Optional Pass-Thru drawer minimises real life run-time in grain operations


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