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GAC2100 BI
The GAC2100 BI is one of the test instruments designed for large-scale farmers here you will find the main features of the product

The GAC®2100 BI Automated Operation is a convenient and reliable test instrument designed for large-scale farmers needing immediate moisture, temperature and test weight information on up to 8 different grains. This information is essential to making the most profitable decisions in the handling of grain.

Main Features:
  • Measures moisture with a repeatability of ±0.1 (depending on conditions)
  • Consistent measurement and display of test weight and temperature
  • Stores up to 64 calibrations
  • More than 450 product calibrations available
  • Automatic weighing
  • Automated moisture and temperature compensation
  • Use for cereals, oil seeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, and beans
  • Two RS232 ports
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Should you be interested in any more information on the GAC®2100 BI Automated Operation or how we can help you with any grain management solutions then please contact us on +27 11 608 3666

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