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Hay Moisture Tester

Hay Moist Test
Know when to bale or store and how much preservative or drying agent to apply with the Hay Moisture Tester’s reliable readings.

DICKEY-john's Hay Moisture Testers provide immediate moisture content levels from 8-40% with the push of a button. Our selection includes units that average readings for you, as well as meters to monitor moisture as you bale. For increased precision, all Hay Moisture Testers feature built-in battery and calibration checks and a temperature-stable circuit.

Models for Many Applications

DICKEY-john's Hay Moisture Tester line includes models with a wide range of features to suit any farmer’s needs. From economical to high performance, you’ll find the right moisture tester for your operation, whether you’re producing hay or cotton.

Easy to Use:

  • In the windrow: simply apply multi-pin prod to the hay, then test
  • In bales: just drive the probe across the bale, then test
  • In balers: continuous monitoring in balers with a special moisture sensor
Hay Moist Tester DjF-2000
  • Quick, precise readings
  • 6-40% moisture range on hay
  • User friendly
  • Provides average readings
  • Built-in battery and calibration checks
  • One-year warranty











  • Fast and accurate
  • 6-40% moisture range on hay
  • Easy to use
  • Provides average readings
  • Use for on-the-go or portable moisture monitoring
In continuous mode:
  • Takes two readings every second
  • Displays average and highest of eight accumulated readings
  • Updates readings every 4 seconds
  • Backlit display
In portable mode:
  • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
  • Displays average and highest of accumulated readings
  • One-year warranty
  • Built-in battery and calibration checks

Hay Moist Tester DjC-2000




  • Quick, precise readings
  • 4-16% moisture range on lint cotton
  • 6-20% moisture range on seed cotton
  • Resistance technology recognized worldwide as the most accurate method for measuring moisture
  • Easy to use
  • Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
  • One-year warranty

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