Insta Lab 700



Completely customizable, it allows you to change filters to adjust the bandwidth for product constituents, including protein, cellulose, sugar, ash, starch, oil and fat, alcohol, cotton, and polyester. The Instalab®700 is an analytical upgrade from the Instalab®600 series, which means that existing Instalab®600 calibrations can be ported to the new Instalab®700 unit.

Unit Specifications:
* Weight: 31 lbs/14.06 kg
* Dimensions: (Height) 13.93 in/35.4cm, (Width) 15.52 in/39.42 cm,
* (Depth) 14.25 in/36.19 cm
* Power Requirements: 110/120 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, <100 Watts
* Number of Optical Filters: 4 to 10
* Serial Computer Interface: RS-232-C and USB
* Printer: Optional
* Sample Integration Technique: Rotating cup
* Filter Bandpass Approximately 10nm
* Light Source: Tungsten Halogen
* ETL Mark: UL61010-1
* Humidity: 5% RH to 95% RH to 27.7° C non-condensing decreasing linearly to 60% RH at 35° C decreasing linearly to 50% at 40° C
* Altitude: Up to 2000 meters
* Operating Temperature: 10 - 40° C (machine accuracy specification 10° C - 35° C)
* Storage Temperature: -20° C to +60° C
* Calibration Storage: Flash memory
* Typical Analysis Time: 10 seconds
* Detector: Thermoelectrically cooled lead sulfide (Pbs)
* Reference Measurement: Through entire optical system, against ceramic disk
* Gain Setting: Automatic for reference gain, calibration file controls gain or sample
* Diagnostics: Diagnostic screens for troubleshooting indoor use only


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