Multi Check
The MultiCheck™ is the flagship of Bruins Instruments NIR analyzers.  The MultiCheck is the most versatile instrument in the NIR analyzer line and is capable of performing measurements in both transmission (wheat, barley, corn, rice, soy, oil seed and more) and reflectance for easy and precise measurements of fine powders such as flour, meal, mixed seed, coffee, tea, or any homogenous substance.

Typical Applications
Whole grain and seed analysis including: corn, soy, rice, wheat, barley, oil seeds, etc.   Universal calibrations are available for protein, moisture, fat, starch, fiber, gluten, sedimentation….

In reflectance mode:  Flour, meal, mixed seed, tea, coffee, spices, pastes, powders…

Our calibration services can develop calibrations for almost any significant component or property for your particular product.

Key Features:

  • Variable pathlength from 8 to 30mm to accommodate a variety of grain and seed
  • Reflectance mode for feed, pet food, bakery products and powders
  • ~50 second analysis time with 16 subsamples
  • Fully transferable calibrations between instruments

Grain density – This optional accessory integrates with the instrument to automatically provide grain density which is incorporated into the report

Temperature – Measures the temperature of the grain which is incorporated into the report

Dimensions:                580 X 400 X 470 mm (22.8 X 15.7 X 18.5 inches)
Weight:                          40 kg (88 lbs.)
Wavelength range:      • 730-1100nm transmission
• 1100-2500nm reflectance
• .5nm  scan increment

Sample Presentation:      Automatic feed with multiple sub-sample measurements

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Should you be interested in any more information on Multicheck or how we can help you with any grain management solutions then please contact us on  +27 11 608 3666


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