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Carl Zeiss On-line diode

Carl Zeiss has been building on its success story ever since the first instrument with the name CORONA hit the market in 1999. The robust and compact VIS-NIR spectrometer provides broad access to comp-letely new applications in numerous market segments. Today, these CORONA systems are the world leaders and set the standard in the diode array spectrometer market.With CORONA PLUS, Carl Zeiss has now developed a new series of outstanding spectrometers. The company's years of experience in this field and the systematic implementation of increased customer needs have made CORONA PLUS possible.The combination of the latest polychromator technologies featuring excellent optics and fast, low-noise electronics provides the foundation for maximum sensitivity, linearity and large dynamic range. Combined with a new platform of firmware and software, these benefits make the systems ideal for virtually all applications in a wide range of industries. Below are some applications:


  • Determination of fat, starch and proteins in food
  • Detection of product moisture
  • Monitoring of drying processes
  • Incoming inspection of powder-based
  • products such as flour or milk powder


  • Determination of the contents of dry substance
  • Quality control of grain (protein, moisture, etc.)

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Identification of raw materials
  • Monitor production processes

Measuring on conveyor belts

  • Determination of moisture and color in paper manufacture
  • On-line color of textile and plastic production
  • Determination of color and degree of heat protection
  • of architectural glass
  • Measurement of layer thickness of foils

Plastics technology

  • Identification of plastics
  • Color of plastic lines or components
  • Specification of layer thickness of transparent coatings

Optical industry

  • Reflection and transmission properties of coated glass
  • Color properties of optical coatings


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