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ARTEMIS is an automated 3D surface mapping system ideal for the effective management of bulk commodities stored on open to air commodity stock piles. The 3D renderings illustrate a scan cycle.

What Does The ARTEMIS Solution Do For You?

ARTEMIS automatically generates and records an extremely accurate 3D surface map of bulk commodities stored on open to air commodity stock piles. This ensures accurate volume calculations and thorough record keeping under circumstances that traditionally made this nearly impossible. With the added head office awareness element ARTEMIS is the only automated inventory management solution for open to air commodity stock piles.   

How Does ARTEMIS Work?

ARTEMIS scanners work in synergy to scan the surface of the bulk commodity and a point cloud is generated. These data points supplies our proprietary bundled software with the spatial co-ordinates it requires to generate the resulting surface map. Floating points caused by dust, birds and other elements are automatically scrubbed before the final rendering.



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